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Explore the infinite possibilities of Lego space creations. From spaceships to lunar bases, get inspired to build your own intergalactic adventures with Lego.
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A Space Bus!

This is just a bus. It has no guns, it does not transform, not even a smallest piece of science equipement. But it will surely get you to your space job! I needed a quick build inbetween more "serious" ones where I end up placing about 10 bricks in one hour, working to get some shape right. This in turn was initially done in about 3 hours and then +1 hour on redesign and applying... a trick. Can you spot something unusual on this build?

Liam Drinkwater
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Amazing Lego Space Models

How much do you love Lego Space? And what about Benny remmber him? So I remmber and love! I think there is somting really awesome in nostalgia and when you think about that the lego space theme is really awesome, especially Benny :) So I had to do a post on Lego Space and return our Benny his beautiful smile.

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32 AI ideas for Lego MOCs Space Station – How to build it Lego Space Station, Asteroid Mining, Mars Space, Holographic Displays, Lego Mocs, Lego Creative, Lego Space, The Final Frontier, Lego Moc

32 AI ideas for Lego MOCs Space Station

Space stations are some of the most fascinating and technologically advanced structures in the universe. They allow humans to live and work in space, conducting experiments and exploring the final frontier. Lego has always been at the forefront of inspiring creativity and imagination in children and adults alike, and i

How To Build It Lego
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Space Shuttle Expedition Lego Set

The Space Shuttle era is over, with Space Shuttle Atlantis due to land in less than one hour from the final mission. However, the legacy lives on in a new Space Shuttle set from our favorite building block maker: the Lego Space Shuttle Expedition #10231. It is a great set for building, playing, or d

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In Space Since 1978

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of LEGO Classic Space I took this tribute photo which was used in the back of last month’s Blocks Magazine. It was fun using the cinematic style of photography I usual do for Nova Team and Neo-Classic Space and apply it to the tried and true classic spacemen, complete with visor-less helmets and the iconic yellow smiley faces. Eagle-eyed fans may of noticed I opted to use some re-release torsos on some of the figures. It was purely an esthetic choice. Some of…

Rafael Belet