Let us pray

Experience the transformative power of prayer. Explore a collection of heartfelt prayers that will inspire and guide you in your spiritual journey. Let us pray together for peace, healing, and blessings.
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Praying for All of Us

I’m in my car, driving early on a Thursday morning, when the young woman behind me flashes her lights. Am I going too slow for her? Daring to drive 40 mph because that’s the speed limit? That must be so because she’s trying to pass me, looking impatient when I glance in my rear view mirror to see what she wants. Suddenly, she switches lanes and swerves around me and zips around the next two cars. Seconds later, she swerves back into my lane, speeding ahead only to catch the next red light —…

Emily Burney
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Forgive me, Lord - Gaye Lindfors | Christian Speaker & Author

Good morning, God. Thank you for another day. Thank you for being with me every single moment of today. I’ve been a bit ungrateful lately, Lord. Well, actually, it’s probably more than “a bit.” Please forgive me for my complaining. My impatience. None of my “reasons” justify my stinkin’ attitude . Thank you for your love which meets me where I am. Thank you for your forgiveness which is so undeserved. Thank you for the bazillion things you have given me… …for which I am grateful. I don’t…

Jacci Johnson

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