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Get ready to laugh with these hilarious life comics that perfectly capture the everyday struggles and funny moments we all experience. Check out the top comics that will bring a smile to your face.
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His comics are everywhere and hardly a day goes by without his art popping up on our feeds. And if you haven’t seen one of his cartoons on social media, then you’ll have to pardon us cuz we just have to ask if you’ve actually got an internet connection or if you’re living under a rock like Patrick Star. We’re talking, of course, about beloved cartoonist Adam Ellis.

Karina Hajdacka
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Parenting is a journey for the parents just as much as for their little ones, and Chris Grady is drawing and sharing his in a brilliant comic called Lunarbaboon. By focusing on a small family's adventures, the series spots and highlights humor in simple everyday situations. It also touches some sensitive and dark(er) subjects but does so in a way that feels sincere and, eventually, ends on a postive note.

Dominik Hauser
This Artist Shares Her Relatable And Funny Comics About Life's Silly Moments (40 Pics) | Bored Panda Funny Memes, Art, Funny Cartoons, Funny Jokes, Humour, Funny Comic Strips, Comedy Comics, Really Funny Memes, Hilarious

Everyone in life has different experiences and uniquely lives them out. However, there are some things that we can all relate to, or at least laugh at. Those things happen to most of us and we don't even realize that. That's what this artist named Kristen Pinpin (better known as Plamondon on Instagram) illustrates.

Oni Olayinka
Artist Makes One-Panel Comics Filled With Absurd Situations And Silly Humor (50 Pics) | Bored Panda Comics, Humour, Cartoon, Comic Art, Cartoons, Humor, Fun, Cartoonist, Face

When it comes to drawing comics, the artist can choose to spend hours working on one comic that has quite a few panels; however, sometimes just one panel is more than enough to convey the idea one had in mind. Artist Scott Hilburn proves exactly that with his single-panel newspaper comics called “The Argyle Sweater” which are in their second decade of syndication.

Sharon Fisher