Light emitting diode

Explore the advantages of using Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting, from energy efficiency to long lifespan. Upgrade your lighting system with LED and save money while reducing your carbon footprint.
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About this item Overview: 5 mm Frosted Foggy Round Small Lens (Viewing Angle: 20 degrees) 2 leads, 6 colors x 10pcs = 60pcs Mixed Leddiode, 10 for Each Single Color (White Red Green Blue Yellow Orange) White: 6000K-9000K(7000K 8000K) Red: 620nm-625nm Green: 515nm-520nm Blue: 455-465nm Yellow: 588-592nm(590nm 591nm) Orange(Amber): 600nm-610nm Shipping Weight: 1.0oz / 0.03kg, (Pack of 60) (6 Colours, Each Color 10pcs / Through Hole DIP 2pins 5mmled LEDs Set) Compatible with: Indicator Lights…

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Chanzon 10pcs 10mm IR LED Infrared Emitter 850nm Light Emitting Diode LED Lamp 850 nm -- Visit the image link more details. Lights, Bulb, Rc Lens, Light Emitting Diode, Led Diodes, Infrared, Led Lamp, Light Bulb, Lighting

About this item Overview: Infrared Ray Emission Sender, 850nm, Emitting Angle: 30 Degrees Photodiode Transmitter Parameters : DC 1.4V-1.6V Volt 20mA, Polarity : Anode '+' (Longer Leg) | Cathode '-' (Shorter Leg), Clear Transparent Small Lens Shipping Weight: 0.8oz / 0.02kg, Package: Pack of 10 Pieces Leddiode(Through Hole DIP 2pins leads mini LEDs Set) Compatible with: Electronic devices, Phototransistor, Communication equipment,IR beam sensors, remote, DIY PCB Board Circuit, Arduino…