Lion mane

Transform your pet into a majestic lion with the perfect lion mane. Discover top ideas to give your furry friend a fierce and adorable new look.
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Aitana Lion - Spain

I first met this gorgeous lion in 2011 and was so pleased to see him again this time - he suffers with problems in his back legs which i spoke to keepers about and they said that as long as he is otherwise healthy and not in pain they would continue to look after & treat him (something i doubt many commercial zoos would do) - he seems to be very happy with his 2 companions and for me has the most beautiful face and lovely curly mane :))

Nada Churchia Hirsch
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5 Benefits of Lion's Mane

This unusually handsome and visually inviting 'smart mushroom' is Lion's Mane, (Hericium Erinaceus). Known for its nootropic qualities, this shaggy mane of fungal spines grow from hardwood usually in a low hanging clump on Beech trees, resembling a frozen, milky waterfall. Lion's Mane is held in high regard for its effects on the brain. Find out just how incredible Lion's Mane is here

Salianne Hetland

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