Liquid coconut oil

Unlock the versatile uses of liquid coconut oil in your kitchen and beauty routine. Explore top ideas and recipes to incorporate this healthy and natural ingredient into your daily life.
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A “new” product has been appearing on store shelves recently and being marketed as “Liquid Coconut Oil” for cooking and baking. The product stays liquid, even in your refrigerator. Is this real coconut oil? No.

Deb King
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What’s the difference between regular coconut oil from the jar vs. a “fractionated” coconut oil? This question comes up at almost every essential oil workshop I teach. Coconut oil makes for an excellent carrier oil for essential oil dilution, which is why many of us are curious about it. So why s

Laurie Wilson
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About this item Light & Nourishing ,Promotes Healthy-Looking Skin Condition: Dry skin or hair in need of comprehensive moisturization and nourishment. NOW Solutions Liquid Coconut Oil is a versatile cosmetic oil that's pleasingly light and easily absorbed for comprehensive moisturization without clogged pores Our fractionated Liquid Coconut Oil is colorless and odorless with a smooth, non-greasy texture that's ideal for a variety of personal care uses Use it for dry skin, as a carrier oil…

Linda S.