Liquor bottle lights

Illuminate your space with the charm of liquor bottle lights. Discover creative ideas to add a touch of elegance and ambiance to your home decor.
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Liquor Bottle LED Light: This instructable shows you how to construct a fairly simple LED light comprised of a wooden base, four single LED's, and an empty liquor bottle of your choice. This makes for a great decoration or gift for someone special. I added a gel-like subs…

Deborah Lawrence
Recycled bottle lamp wall sconce 1800 Tequila Bottle-for the bar room

I’m fascinated by beautiful lighting. Based out of Claremont, California, Moonshine Lamp Co. recycles cast off bottles into gorgeous lamps and chandeliers. Their catchphrase is “Turning…

Beatriz Molina Sigcho
How to Turn Your Old Liquor Bottles Into Desk Lamps : 14 Steps - Instructables Recycling, Liquor Dispenser, Bottle Lamp Kit, Liquor Bottle Lights, Bottle Lamps, Bottle Lights, Liquor Bottle Lamp, Diy Bottle Lamp, Bottle Lamp

How to Turn Your Old Liquor Bottles Into Desk Lamps: This tutorial is a rough guide to creating a home made electrical good. I am in no way responsible for your electrical burns, sliced fingers or ruining your mothers favourite glass vase as practise. That said, every step I outline in this tutorial i…

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