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Enhance your child's literacy skills with these interactive and educational games. Discover a variety of games that make learning to read and write enjoyable for kids of all ages.
Roll an Emotion activity for writing about characters of reading aloud. Theatre Classroom, Teaching Theatre, Teaching Drama, Teaching Reading, Theatre Games, Teaching Art, Theatre Nerds, V Drama, Drama Class

With my small group pull-out sessions limited to half-hour increments, I'm always looking for quick, engaging reading and writing activities to reinforce literacy skills. I used to think dice games were only for teaching math and probability, but I'm starting to discover that there are ENDLESS possibilities for using dice with literacy. Are you looking for a few ideas? Well... let's shake and roll! 3 Roll-a-Dice Activities for Reading & Writing My roll-a-dice resource collection continues to…

Mary Bird-Lowry
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Inspire a Love of Learning with Fun Kindergarten Sight Word Activities! Fun and Play Is An Absolute Must For Early Development! Amazing Learning Activities Make A Huge Difference. #learningcrafts

Gemma Reinkraut
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My eldest son is almost finished with Kindergarten…. I can hardly believe it!! He is growing up way to fast… we recently sat down with his teacher and she shared that he is not keeping up with the class in his reading. We know this has been an area of struggle for him, and weren’tContinue Reading