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Take the ultimate LOTR quiz and challenge your knowledge of Middle-earth. Discover if you are a true fan and prove your expertise in the world of hobbits, wizards, and epic battles.
Edraele Nei | LOTR Quiz: What do you look like as an elf in Middle-Earth? Lotr Quiz, Lotr Elves, Lotr, Lotr Characters, The Elf, Middle Earth Elves, Harry Potter Elf, Quiz, Legolas And Aragorn

I hope you like this quiz!It is my first, It took me ages too create this, and the elves. Plus, I'm adding alittle bit of your personality. ***If you do not like what you look like please comment down below, and tell me,then I can give you a link to create yourself!*** And, I am a little bad at t...

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