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Last to bed and first to rise, I’ve always relied on very little sleep. It’s actually something I’ve been working to improve, especially now with a newborn keeping me up every few hours in the night. But…

Ann Huston Mills
Sleeper – World's First Walking Sleepwear

SLEEPER is more than just a luxury loungewear label - we create pajama sets, dresses and accessories that make space for self-love in our every day. Designed for bed and beyond, we create styles that make you look put together while making you feel incredibly good.

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Here's part three (one and two) of the pajama and loungewear series, a good four months after it began! This time, with a bit of trepidation, I'm sharing some of my favorite personal loungewear and boudoir finds. Probably my favorite part of reading other blogs is the outfits posts and/or vintage finds posts other vintage-inclined ladies around the world share. I'm pretty terrible about doing them myself (I think I've done a grand total of one so far), mostly because I really am pretty…

Chloe Walker