Low calorie dressing

Discover a variety of flavorful and nutritious low calorie dressing options to enhance the taste of your salads. Try these guilt-free dressings and enjoy a healthier way of eating.
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This Low Calorie Italian Dressing Recipe is just 10 calories per tablespoon! I replaced all of the oil with vegetable broth, it cuts the calories by a-lot! But if you are using this recipe in a chicken recipe I recommend adding 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil to it to better mimic the real thing.Special Tip: I love making salad dressings in jars. You don'y have to whisk, you can just add the lid and shake! Then the leftovers are ready to be popped in the fridge, it's the best way to make homemade…

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This Low Calorie Mayonnaise is just 9 calories for 2 tablespoons, just the right amount for a sandwich. Once spread on a sandwich or added to a recipe it will taste just like store-bought mayo, but for a fraction of the calories, fat, and cholesterol. Special Tip: You can easily lower the sodium too, simply swap out the salt for fresh lemon juice!