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Michala M's VIPs Guide to LuLaRoe on a Budget "I LOVE LuLaRoe but it's so EXPENSIVE for just an outfit." I hear this phrase so often as a consultant. But as a total cheapskate myself, I get it. Spending $60 for a pair of leggings and a top that I only wear together was not my cup of tea either. As my blog name suggests, I'm a thrift-aholic. I LOVE getting a deal so I really struggled with the LuLaRoe price tags at first. I'm here to tell you now, you CAN have an adorable LLR wardrobe on a…

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By now, I am sure many of you have heard of LuLaRoe. The comfortable + stylish clothing line seems to be taking over social media, especially through Facebook parties. I previously shared looks with a LuLaRoe maxi skirt and their famed leggings and tops. You can't help but smile at the bright colors and unique prints! When I

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LulaRoe lots of ways! I know, I know. I held out a long time. I really didn't want to jump on the LulaRoe bandwagon. But...I came across a LulaRoe booth at our local town square festival and I was intrigued. I found this fun Cassie skirt and thought I'd give it a try! Well, I liked it so much that I bought another one later. And then a Julia and a Sarah. I've had fun styling these pieces different ways, so I thought I'd put together a post showing some of what I've come up with! Cassie…

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