Magic props

Elevate your magic tricks with these must-have magic props. From mind-reading devices to disappearing acts, explore top ideas to create unforgettable performances.
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The craftsman's shop of magic props, ROOM 8 STUDIO

It hurts like hell? You have enough of this. The craftsman's shop of gold scrolls. Come for the recipe to it. The maester, Kventin, knows the proper one. Just few eye-pits, two monstera leaves, just pintch of beetles. The poison for an arrow is ready. Do not forget to pay a lot.

Darya Shkundaleva
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Blue Fireball Using Hot Glue

DIY Blue Fireball Using Hot Glue: Hello, my brothers and sisters... I'm Infinity... I make DIY projects, which I personally love to do... Previously I have already made many projects ..some of them are also on Instructables... After a quite long break for my studies...I'm back with…

Benoit Hypolite

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