Makhluk laut dalam

Temukan ide-ide menakjubkan untuk makhluk laut dalam yang akan menginspirasi Anda. Jelajahi keindahan dan keajaiban dunia bawah laut.
Sea Angel Anime, Angeles, Marine Life, Animals, Beautiful Creatures, 귀여운 동물, Animals Beautiful, Fish Pet, Underwater Creatures

The Sea Angel is a tiny species of mollusk found only in Endless Ocean 2. Sea angels can be found in cold waters at both of the polar locations in-game, but only under zoom-mode glows. These locations include the North Coast of Canada (at coordinates C-1 SE, B-2 NE, A-2 SE, and B-2 SW), the Weddell Sea (at coordinates C-2 E, B-4 NE, and D-4 SE), and inside of the Iceberg Cavern (at coordinates B-2NE and S, and C-2 SW, primarily inside of the tunnel leading up to the main part of the cavern)…

Frances Gish