Maldives villa interior

Transform your Maldives villa into a luxurious oasis with these stunning interior design ideas. Create a serene and stylish space that truly captures the essence of paradise.
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The Maldives are synonymous by now with the concept of overwater bungalows. This tiny island nation’s most salient cultural export is that most extravagant of hospitality forms, where the shallow, crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean lap gently at the deck of your luxury villa. Actually, to focus too much on the overwater villas is to sell Vakkaru Maldives short; the beach villas are scarcely less extraordinary, and are ideal for guests who prefer to stride across a stretch of soft sand on…

Gayle Russell
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A full tropical beach vacation packing guide. A week at a tropical resort is always a good idea - but when your only options are the hotel gift shops, you don't want to be stuck without everything you need. There are some unexpected and easy-to-forget items that will make your trip so much better - and some that I've learned through years of overpacking that you just will not use. The best shoes, attire, accessories, and essentials to pack for the piña-colada-sipping vacation of a lifetime.