Maleficent cosplay

Transform into the iconic Maleficent with these epic cosplay ideas. Discover the best costumes, makeup tips, and accessories to bring this Disney villain to life.
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Time to dive back into Dragon Con cosplay, 'cuz there's still SO MUCH to see! Let's start with my dear friends Robyn & Christie, who once again blew me away with new costumes this year: Fire & Ice Dragons! Robyn as the Ice Dragon. The sisters made everything themselves, but it's those elaborate headpieces that really steal the show: The wire armatures outline dragon heads! WOW. (I so want to make a giant feather headdress now, you guys.) I later learned they also made elaborate - not to…

Miranda Miskel
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Deep down, everyone wants to be a hero. Legendary cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha is no different. Except for the fact that being just one hero isn’t enough for her. Sometimes it seems like she wants to embody every single famous character of a comic book, movie, and video game in existence. At least for a few hours.

Nichola Beach

Hi All, Well, if you've been reading, you will know I'm currently OBSESSED with the movie "MALEFICENT". Recently, I've done some research on the costumes she wears. Maleficent has a total of 9 costume changes in the movie. There was a core group of people involved in designing her look, called "Team Maleficent". Angelina (who also produced the film) hand picked the artist to collaborate on how she will look. There was Rob Goodwine, who's responsibilities included shoes & accessories, Manuel…

Joan Sciencehero