Married life humor

Experience the lighter side of married life with these hilarious humor ideas. Find relatable and funny anecdotes that will have you laughing and nodding your head in agreement. Join the fun and share a laugh with your partner!
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Married life is quite a funny thing when you think about it - first of all, you have to endure the dating phase, skipping through possible marriage prospects and meeting all kinds of weird people along the way. When you actually find the One, and not without plenty of relationship advice from your more advanced friends, a long process of getting to know each other ensues. Finally, you tie the knot and decide to spend the rest of your life, meaning at least 50 years, as a married couple. And…

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Art imitates life, and so do memes. I had the absolute pleasure of having been invited to one of my closest friends’ wedding this weekend (it was utterly spectacular!), so it’s only natural that I’d want to share a whole bunch of memes about married life with you, dear Pandas.