Marzipan fruit

Elevate your dessert table with these delectable marzipan fruit creations. Find inspiration for beautiful and tasty treats that will impress your guests.
{Day 4} A Tradition Renewed- Marzipan Fruits - A Stack of Dishes - a kind of tutorial Desserts, Fruit, Sugar Paste, Snacks, Fimo, Marzipan Fruit, Marzipan, Marzipan Recipe, Kuchen

Marzipan Cherries The tradition of modeling marzipan (almond paste candy) for the holidays is an old one and if found in many different cultures. The Italians make it and so do many Northern European countries-Germany, Sweden etc. Hand made marzipan is an art that has sadly waned. Most that you see these days is machine

Sara (Miller) Stratton