Mayan culture

Immerse yourself in the rich history and fascinating traditions of Mayan culture. Discover top ideas to experience the ancient wonders and vibrant heritage of the Mayan civilization.
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Originally started as part of Kevin Brunt's art stream challenge at Theme was Hunter Gatherer. Wasn't done in time for life reasons so I pushed it further than the requirements asked for by the jam. I didn't want to follow a specific concept or recreate an artifact that already exists in real life. Instead, I used the mesoamerican influence to create something a bit unique, yet look Mayan. I hope the design comes across as interesting enough and…

Sedated Hype
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This reconstruccion represents either a Noblewoman or possible Courtesan (according to Dr. Stephen Houston) pertaining to the court of the Kingdoms of either Tikal or Ik during the classical period. This composite piece is not based of one single source but rather several ceramic and mural evidences located throughout the Peten, dated towards the Mayan classical period between 200 and 800 d.C. You can observe aesthetic attributes distinctive of the prehispanic mayan people such as an…

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