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Develop your proficiency in medical math with these essential skills for healthcare professionals. Enhance your accuracy in dosage calculations and medication administration to ensure patient safety and optimal care.
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Nursing Dosage/Medication Conversion Chart – Maths for Nurses Unit conversions Drug Calculations Drug calculations vary depending on whether you are dealing with liquid or solid medications, or if the dose is to be given over a period of time. In this section I will go over each of these situations in turn. It is very […]

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Included: 9 Pages total! Quick conversion table Liquid Dosages Inject able dosages Weight Based dosages IV Calculations manual IV Calculations for Automated pump Practice problems Answers Pharmacology and Medical Math is a difficult undertaking and crushes a lot of UNORGANIZED students, so let me help!! Use this guide as you are learning or as a nice refresher while you are working through your math problems! As a nursing student I have notebooks and note cards filled with information that I…

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