Mediterranean landscaping front yard

Transform your front yard into a stunning Mediterranean oasis with these landscaping ideas. Create a welcoming and vibrant outdoor space that will make your neighbors jealous.
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Social Front Yard The Functional Front Yard is here to stay. In 2019, we forecasted that more homeowners would turn to their front yards for socializing and gardening, and when the pandemic hit, the trend took hold even faster than anticipated. The front yard is no longer just about visual... Read more »

Marie Morbel
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The gardens and landscapes of Tuscany are world famous for their amazing beauty. This has led many people to attempt to recreate the Tuscan garden style. The question is how do you make your very own Tuscan garden? In this article we explain the fundament

Penny Linden
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Paving, including concrete, stone, and tile, and paving alternatives, like gravel and mulch, are the materials we walk, sit, cook, eat, and play on in a landscape design. We’ll discuss different types of paving (hard surfaces), and some alternative surface materials that can be used to create functional paths and... Read more »

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