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Kintsugi-style repair on concrete floor cracks. Beautiful visible repairs Home Décor, Décor, Home, Home Decor, Decor, Cement, Tiles, Concrete, Brick

Fixes and repairs can add useful life to things we love and appreciate. When highlighted, instead of hidden, they can also add character and beautiful flair. Visible repairs also make these objects uniquely ours and allow us to appreciate all the times they've served us. ^ Butterlfy joints hold splitting pieces together and look great. ^ Crushed turquoise or other colorful resins can fix knot holes and deep cracks in wood while adding character and style. ^ Fixing damaged and worn clothing…


Completed in 2007 in Thiais, France. Images by Benoit Fougeirol , Philippe Ruault. Located in the southern suburban area of Paris along wide boulevards and roadway interchanges, in an industrial landscape characterised by a...