Mexican pudding

Indulge in the rich and creamy flavors of Mexican pudding. Discover mouthwatering recipes that will leave you craving for more. Try them today and satisfy your sweet tooth!
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A dairy-free chocolate pudding with warm, earthy spices, like cinnamon and cayenne, for an indulgent holiday dessert that everyone can enjoy! The holidays can be a difficult time for families with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Grandparents may not understand how to feed their newly vegan granddaughter. Aunts and uncles aren’t sure what to serve...Read More »

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Mexican rice pudding is very tasty and a favourite. Enjoyed as either dessert or breakfast, this comforting traditional Spanish dish is truly special. Topped with cinnamon and also known as arroz con leche, this recipe is so satisfying and delicious.

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Capirotada is a Mexican bread pudding from Muy Bueno Cookbook made with cinnamon, piloncillo, cloves, raisins, bread, and cheese. You can smell and taste the sweet, warm, melted cheese as it cooks. Yes, you read it right - cheese. The combination of these ingredients is sure to awaken your taste buds!

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Mexican Bread Pudding, or "Capirotada," is a delectable dessert that will transport your taste buds straight to Mexico. This classic dish is made by layering slices of bread, nuts, and raisins and drizzling them with a rich, cinnamon-spiced syrup that soaks into every crevice.

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