Mezcal cocktails

Explore a variety of mezcal cocktail recipes and elevate your mixology skills. Discover unique and refreshing drinks to enjoy with friends or impress guests at your next gathering.
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If you love Mezcal, you're going to need this list of fabulous Mezcal cocktails. Ranging from sweet to savory, all of these cocktails are as smoky as the Mezcal you put in them. » Haven't heard of Mezcal before now? It's time to get to know this smoky beast. Ever since we visited Mexico for the first time and tried a cocktail with Mezcal in it, we've been hooked. The sweet smoky flavor of the roasted agave pairs well with so many mixers, and the resulting cocktails are unique and…

Brandon Fowler
Cocktails with Mezcal

Cocktails with mezcal are a delightful and smoky twist on traditional mixed drinks. Mezcal, a spirit made from the agave plant, brings a unique and complex flavor profile to cocktails, adding a hint of earthiness and a touch of sweetness. #MezcalCocktails #Mezcal

Anna McCreedy