Mie goreng

Learn how to make mouthwatering mie goreng dishes at home with these easy and flavorful recipes. Elevate your cooking skills and satisfy your cravings with these Indonesian-inspired noodle dishes.
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Skinnymixer’s Mi Goreng in SkinnyAsia will take your quick & easy noodle game to a whole new level! If you are a lover of the Indo Mie Goreng noodles then this Thermomix recipe is for you. This Mi Goreng Thermomix recipe is one that we cooked over and over again until it was perfect. You can serve these noodles as a light meal (topped with a fried egg if you wish), a snack or a side dish as part of […]

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A good mie goreng is equal parts sweet, salty, and umami, and packed with fresh vegetables and tender chicken and/or shrimp. And between the chewy noodles, fried shallots, crunchy bean sprouts, scrambled eggs, and succulent proteins, there are lots of interesting textures going on in each bite!

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Mie Goreng or Mee Goreng is an Indonesian Fried Noodle dish, that’s also commonly found in Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia. It has a thick, somewhat syrupy sweet sauce with a hint of spice. It’s commonly cooked with prawns, egg, and chicken, but fro this vegan version I use some strips of tempeh and plant-based “pork” but you can opt to use other protein of your choice, too! This is a really simple, easy, and tasty noodle dish that you can easily prepare and mix with other…

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