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Последний фильм талантливого японского художника по костюмам и индийского режиссера просто ошеломил безудержной фантазией. Мне нравилось, что с Эйко мне никогда не приходилось использовать клише, который очень любят режиссеры: Думай нестандартно. Она по-другому просто не…

Anna Tran
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The Plot: This reimagining of Snow White finds the princess banished by her cruel stepmother so she can retain power of the kingdom and the charms of a handsome prince. There she finds seven rebellious dwarves who are happy to help her bring an end to the queen's tyranny. The Clothes: Every gown is basically a masterpiece, with life-like patterns, bold embellishments, and freakin' swan headdresses.

Nadya Rotem Barkai
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My brother is getting married to a lovely lady on June 5th at our parents "farm". I say "farm" because the only animals they have are a bunch of cats, but it's a place in the country with a barn nonetheless. My brother's fiance, Jackie, is in her last semester of college, taking classes, student teaching, getting ready to move, so I offered to help plan the wedding. Not that I wouldn't have wanted to anyways :). A few weekends ago my aunts threw her a lovely bridal shower, they threw mine…

Jaime Haney | Artist

About Rococut 'Arciduca'. Series of mirrors called 'Rococut' made up of four different mirrors. Each mirror has its own aristocratic name and comes in a limited edition of 15. Mirror dimension: circa L 75 x W 45 cm. The Rococut mirror has frame in gold-plated wood and an anticate mirror (origin of glass: Scotland/Great Britain). Each mirror is hand signed and numbered by the artists (engraved). 100% handmade in Italy, comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity”. The artworks by Barberini…


About this item Antique and Embossed rose metal in detail on the back side. Dimensions : Body : 3.2" x 7.1", Mirror : 2.6" x 3.3” Material : Metal / Color : Matt Silver EASY TO KEEP : It is an excellent mirror to keep handy in your purse for those moments when you need to make that last minute check on your make-up before going into an important meeting or social gathering. This beautifully mirror makes a perfect gift for women and girls on Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Mother's…