Mj bad

Learn and master Michael Jackson's iconic Bad dance routine. Get ready to groove to the beats and impress everyone with your killer moves.
Michael Jackson swimming, long before any surgery. Hard to imagine why he would want to change this body into what it ended up as. Films, Beatles, Music, Hip Hop, Musica, Speedo, Film, None, Michael Jackson Wallpaper

Just wanted to post this picture of Michael Jackson swimming. Actually as you can see he's not swimming but rather just in a swimsuit. But he's soak and wet and probably was swimming! The point of posting this is for one, I've never seen this picture. Obviously taken in the 80's but have no idea where. I cannot believe how handsome this young man is! Very fit and with a spectacular smile. For the life of me I cannot understand why he did what he did to himself, his face! If it were mine I…

Ray Sherman