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Description Name: Ember Snow Nicknames: Ember, Snow, Snowy, Embery, Rara ( only Nick) Parents: Rarity y Spike Sblings: Deina, Strygmer Claire, Martin, Erick Age: 28 yeards old (16 years old NGAS) Birthdate: January 15th Especie: Unicorn / Dragon Voice: Roichell Rosa Appearance: Shis skin is purple between light blue, his hair is blue at the bright tips, his tail shines, he has freckles and scales on his body, he has claws, he wears round glasses, his eyes are blue, he has horns and…

Asia Malina
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This is a sortable list of all unicorn ponies which have been mentioned or appear in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, except foals. Ponies that are mentioned but don't appear on the show or in merchandise are listed separately. Official names are in bold. These names are mentioned in the show, in Hasbro's toy line, or stated by the show's crew. Names that are not in bold are placeholder names which are unofficial and are decided according to the placeholder names policy. Names in gray are…

Yuki Felyne
#1049134 - absurd res, artist:emu34b, bedroom eyes, christmas, fancypants, fleur-de-lis, holly, holly mistaken for mistletoe, lipstick, micro, safe, simple background, size difference, solo, transparent background, vector - Derpibooru - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Imageboard Kawaii, My Little Pony, Fleur De Lys, Fleur De Lis, Pony Drawing, Pony, My Little Pony Drawing, Unicorns And Mermaids, Unicorn

#1049134 - safe, artist:emu34b, fancypants, fleur-de-lis, pony, unicorn, g4, absurd resolution, bedroom eyes, christmas, female, holly, holly mistaken for mistletoe, lipstick, mare, micro, simple background, size difference, solo, transparent background, vector - Derpibooru

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Fleur de Lis, or Fleur Dis Lee, is a female unicorn supermodel who first appears in the season two episode Sweet and Elite. She is unnamed in both the show and the comics, but she is named "Fleur de Lis" in first-party merchandise and "Fleur Dis Lee" in other merchandise and depictions. She is typically accompanied by Fancy Pants. Fleur de Lis' build is similar to those of Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, the Headless Horse, the Mane-iac, "Tropical Dream", Sassy Saddles, S06E20 Unnamed Earth…

The Unknown Ravenclaw #WarriorsbyErinHunter