Montessori classroom

Create a stimulating learning environment with these inspiring ideas for Montessori classrooms. Discover how to foster independence and curiosity in your students through hands-on activities and engaging materials.
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Whether you are establishing brand new provision or refurbishing your existing classrooms, Early Excellence can support your vision for quality practice for your early years and KS1 children. By investing in our ready-made Complete Classrooms 2-7yrs, which feature exciting resource sets, extensive storage collections and carefully curated complete provision areas, inclusive of furniture, resources and storage, this will provide you with a rapid solution to meet the needs of your young…

Yasmine Spencer
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When you walk into a traditional preschool, the first thing you might notice is the classroom decore. Bright, colorful decorations often fill the walls in a traditional classroom. Plastic toys may clutter your view. In a traditional Montessori classroom, on the other hand, you will see only a few carefully…

Katie Harris