Moon dust

Explore the enchanting world of moon dust with these creative crafts and engaging activities. Unleash your imagination and discover the wonders of moon dust today.
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Competing companies developing payload to make air from moondust

ESA is challenging companies in its Member States to design a compact plant to demonstrate the manufacture of oxygen on the Moon. Industrial teams are competing this summer to propose and prove designs through testing, with the winner set to be declared in September. This small piece of technology will evaluate the prospect of building larger plants to produce propellant for spacecraft, air for astronauts and metallic raw materials for equipment.

Lisa Ray
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Kitchen Moon Dust is a Silky Sandpile for Landlocked Playtime

Building sandcastles is one of the fundamental joys in life, irrespective of how old you get. While coastal residents can hop down to play by the ocean any time, landlocked adventurers need to get a bit more creative. Enter Moon Dust, a quick and cheap recipe for sticky sand.

Aviva Rafaela