Moon spells

Harness the energy of the moon with these powerful spells to manifest your desires and transform your life. Explore the top moon spell ideas to unlock your full potential.
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Ready to make your spells more powerful? Want to learn how to make your spells work faster? Use the timing of the Moon to add more energy to your spells and intentions! For centuries, our ancestors have looked up at the sky and using what they saw for timing, healing, predicting, and adoration. When we👉

Lee Ann McGraw
Astrologers tend to agree that major cosmic events such as eclipses are interactive; they represent an activity also taking place within our self and consciousness. This is why some people may be drawn to casting spells during an eclipse, or engaging in rituals and other spiritual practices. An eclipse is a great opportunity to make decisions or change patterns. Use the power of this cosmic event to find an answer to your question with this solar eclipse spell of Magic. #EclipseWitchcraft Wicca, Libra, Crafts, Yellow Candle Magic Spells, Solar Eclipse Magic, Eclipse Astrology, Candle Magic Spells, Moon Spells, Spellcraft

Powerful Solar eclipse Wiccan spell. Set an intention and cast this spell for protection or guidance. You can do this ritual of Magic during a solar eclipse. If you're viewing it outside wear eye protection or watch it online by finding a livestream or video recording.

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