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One of famed astronomer Carl Sagan’s most famous sayings was, “we are made of star stuff.” He was referring to the fact that the atoms that make up everything in the universe, including we humans, were forged in the bellies of ancient stars. This notion of connectivity is the basis for photographer Ignacio Torres’s series of GIFs titled Stellar.

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11 MRI scans reveal the tasty innards of fruits and veggies. Cool! Art, Nature, Organic Gardening, Radiology, Medical, Mri Technologist, Radiography, Xray Art, Mri Scan

'Inside Insides' resulted from combining artistry with high-tech equipment. These MRI scans of fruits and vegetables give us a new way of seeing produce. The fascinating animated GIFs show a series of captured cross-sections. It’s as though you took really thin slices of each piece of produce and then sequenced each slice into an animation. However, when flatly looking at the animations without mentally connecting them to the three-dimensional object, the GIFs are a purely visual delight. As…

Stephanie Rivera