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Discover the latest and most innovative music gadgets that will enhance your music listening experience. Explore top ideas for music gadgets that will take your love for music to the next level.
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Polyend’s Tracker is a powerful music making and production tool; a hardware workstation based on classic 80s-era grid sequencing workflow. Digital and sample-based, it creates endless options for sequencing and creativity. Its vertical workflow allows you to utilize up to 48 instruments as samples or sources, and 256 patterns as well as connecting with external

Car Gadgets, Decoration, Mixers, Studio, Recording Equipment, Power Pod, Smart Device, Music Mixer, Wireless Charger The smartphone is already a capable content-creating beast... Roland just makes it better by allowing it to interface with the rest of your pro-recording and production gear. You can't plug your electric guitar or studio mic into your smartphone. Believe me, I've tried. I fancy myself a bit of a musician and I've always

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