My fathers world rome to the reformation

Discover the fascinating journey from Ancient Rome to the Reformation with My Father's World. Engage your children with hands-on activities, captivating stories, and immersive learning experiences.
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We are in our 1st week of MFW Rome to Reformation. One of the activities this week was to make a Roman tablet like school children used in Roman times. The book gives instructions using corrugated cardboard or in the Roman Empire book they suggested using balsal wood I wanted something a little simpler. We used $1 unfinished wood frames from Michael's and non drying clay I think it was $3.59 for 4 colors which worked perfect for us. My father-in-law cut out some lightweight wood to fit in…

Kenz Oum
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We have been using workboxes since 2nd grade, and still love them. Each year we adjust for our needs and growing independence, but I can't imagine going back. This system has been about fostering independence in learning, while allowing me to work one-on-one with each child when needed. We still use My Father's World for 5th grade, we are on Rome to Reformation of the family cycle this year. We use our own choices for Art, Math, Spelling, and Music (see contents of workboxes for our…

Sara Burns
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MFW: Reformation to Rome Curriculum Organization We have moved on to 5th Grade and will also be combining 1st grade (Learning God's Story) to our school year. K is excited to learn all about Rome, she really loves history. D is happy to move on to 1st grade, he says he is grown now. Below I will be showing you how I organized our new school area and the curriculum for the year. Also will add each week we complete below. Pray this will help someone out there. ROME TO REFORMATION (5th Grade)…

Ellie Carpenter
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We have been Draw and Write Through History successfully for two years as our art curriculum that is done independently, and pair perfectly with our Workbox Organization system. My children's drawing skills have grown by leaps and bounds, and each lesson enhances the history concepts of My Father's World Family Cycle, Rome to Reformation. Books Used Book 2- Draw and Write Through History: Greece and Rome Book 3-The Vikings, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance Book 4- Pilgrims, Pirates, and…

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We have been using My Father's World for six years, and just finishing Rome to Reformation. The beauty of this curriculum is the core teaching is done together, with additional activities are suggested for older students. You teach ONE science, history, and bible to everyone, and then split for only individual subjects of Math and English. Since the curriculum is designed for a multi-age classroom, some resources hit may resonate more with younger kids, some middle elementary, and some for…

Melanie Corbett