Natural mouthwash

Improve your oral hygiene routine with natural mouthwash. Explore the benefits of using natural ingredients for a refreshing and healthy smile.
How to Make All-Natural Mouthwash (3 Recipes) | Recently that I discovered just how easy it can be to make mouthwash. Happy discovery! It cleans teeth and gums naturally, it's inexpensive, it's made from good and simple ingredients that I recognize (no chemicals or unnatural dyes!), and it gives me peace of mind. Here are three fresh and easy mouthwash recipes. | Diy, Body Lotions, Homemade Mouthwash, Homemade Lotion, Mouthwash, Natural Mouthwash, Natural Homemade, Diy Health, Home Remedies For Hair

A little spicy, it may not be suitable for younger children. On the plus side, it will leave your mouth feeling quite fresh. This is a great starter recipe because it contains only 2 ingredients: water and cloves. Cloves are found in most grocery stores, so anyone can make it. Makes 8 ounces.

Christina Rajaretnam