Naval history

Discover the rich and captivating history of naval warfare. From ancient warships to modern battleships, explore the stories behind legendary naval battles and the brave sailors who fought them. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of naval history and uncover the secrets of the high seas.
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1. The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (Big E) was the longest warship ever built and weighed over 90,000 tons. Despite this, it was one of the fastest, due to having 8 separate nuclear reactors putting out a total of 280,000hp. No other carrier has more than two.

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Written by D-Mitch USS Worcester, lead ship of theWorcester class cruisers Warships with the size of a battleship and armament of a light cruiser, the Worcester class anti-aircraft cruisers of the United States Navy were the ultimate all-gun light cruisers. With a full displacement of approximately 18,000 tons and a length of more than 207 meters (!), they were larger and heavier than any light or heavy cruiser of WWII and post-war cruisers (and their missile conversions) with only very few…

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