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*Needful Things | 11 Essential Stephen King Books. I loved this one, but of course I did, it's Stephen King! Stephen King Needful Things, The Last Castle, Steven King, Stephen King Movies, Stephen King Books, King Book, Book Talk, Horror Books, Castle Rock

This one may surprise a lot of people, and it may not make a lot of lists, but it always fascinated me. Once again King masters the small-town life, tapping into the hopes and dreams of wholesome, simple people. But there are so many secrets, so many wishes, and so many debts to be paid. And as those wishes are granted, more base desires bubble to the surface — jealousies, resentments, and hatred. The tension that King builds for the first 250 pages increases, layer upon layer, until the…

Rachel Holmberg
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I’ve been consistently journaling for 25 years now. I have no doubt that this has been the most important habit in my life that helps me stay sane (or at least return to sanity when stress, confusion, or circumstances knock me down). This is what I think is most important about journaling: find what works for you. What do you want to get out it? That’s really all that matters. When I boil it down to the simplest reason for me, I journal because I like how it makes me feel. I look forward to…

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We are energetic beings. All matter is made up of atoms, with charged particles which vibrate at a certain frequency. When we can begin to connect with that vibration, that frequency, we can create drastic change within our lives. We can learn to shift our energy, and to become an energetic match fo

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