Negative character traits

Learn how to overcome negative character traits and transform your personality for a more positive and fulfilling life. Discover effective strategies and techniques to cultivate better habits and behaviors.
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Looking for a list of negative character traits? Here's a list of 98 negative character traits and qualities with examples.

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I was planning some stuff for a new writing project and I was doin’ the whole thing where you take one of those character trait charts and pick equal amounts of negative and positive characte…

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Toxic traits provide a great foundation for character development. Throughout your story, your character may grapple with the consequences of their toxic behaviours, leading to character growth.

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As we have entered the month of August, every teacher, whether she likes it or not, starts thinking about school. Some of us have dreams (or nightmares). Some of us go on a Pinterest spree. We walk through Target and ask ourselves "What do I 'need' from the dollar section?" You don't do this? Okay, maybe it's just me. Anyway, we are also thinking about what were some of our students' challenges last year, and how we will address them this year. My third and fourth graders had difficulty with…

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Two decades ago the psychologists Robert and Joyce Hogan created an inventory of 11 qualities, ranging from excitable to dutiful, that when taken to the extreme, resemble the most common personality disorders. Subsequent profiling of millions of employees, managers, and leaders reveals that most people display at least three of these “dark side” traits, and about 40% score high enough on one or two to put them at risk for career disruption. For example, being excitable may help you display…

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