Neuromuscular Therapy

Discover the benefits of neuromuscular therapy for relieving pain and promoting muscle relaxation. Learn about the top techniques used by professionals to address specific muscular imbalances and improve overall well-being.
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Neuromuscular therapy works with the central nervous system to relieve chronic pain in cases where direct, deep pressure can’t be applied. This well-known therapy has wide-ranging effects from treating and preventing soft-tissue injuries to targeting chronic pain.

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What is Trigger Point Therapy? Muscle And Nerve, Neck Pressure Points, Muscle Spasms, Pressure Point Therapy, Acupressure Points Chart, Acupressure Points, Trigger Point Massage, Nerve, Acupressure

Trigger points occur on tender spots in a contracted muscle where there is decreased circulation, spasm or increased nerve sensitivity. These can be caused by stress, repetitive or overuse of a muscle, an accident, muscular imbalance, or not stretching after physical activity. Trigger point therapy consists of applying

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