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Immerse yourself in the thrilling stories and iconic characters of DC Comics' New 52. Discover a new era of superhero adventures and get ready to be captivated by the incredible artwork and compelling narratives.
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Another New 52 title by DC I've been reading is Green Lantern: New Guardians. I absolutely loved Tyler Kirkham's art in "The Weaponer" which I recently posted on (Brightest Day: Green Lantern Corps, 2010-11), so I've been reading this New 52 title from the beginning. "Who are The New Guardians? The Power of Rage, Avarice, Fear, Will, Hope, Compassion and Love combine to be the most powerful (and colorful) team in the corps under the leadership of Kyle Rayner. Beware their power . . . and…

10 Reasons Why New 52 Superman Sucks. Dc Comics, Superman, Marvel Comics, Superman X Batman, Superman X, Superman Family, Superman Comic Art, Superman Comic, Clark Kent

It's been 2 years since DC's New 52 reboot. Since then, the publisher has had a number of very public creator disputes and have failed to maintain market share. There's so much wrong with the New 52 from a story standpoint... but the best place to start is the terribly rebooted version of the once greatest superhero, Superman.

Craig Sarton