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Nixon Mens A083000 5130 Chrono Watch ** Click image to review more details. (This is an affiliate link) Nixon, Moda, Chrono, Moda Hombre, Cool Watches, Chrono Watches, Watches, Beautiful Watches, Nixon Watch

Imported 51-30 CHRONO, BLACK. A leader in the oversized trend, Nixon’s 51mm black Chrono watch is handsome, easy to read, and well-equipped. SUPERIOR FUNCTION. A waterproof watch that offers more than just the time, the Chrono also features 3 CD textured subdials and 6 custom-molded hands so that multitasking becomes second nature. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. This watch is no joke. It is masterfully built with a stainless steel/Acetate band, a double locking clasp, and strategically placed crown…