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Explore a variety of interactive and educational nouns activities to enhance learning and make it enjoyable. Discover fun ways to teach and practice nouns with these engaging ideas.
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Hi friends! Now that I've taken a little breather in June - {we had birthday parties for both of my kids - so you know what kind of a "breather" that is ;)} I'm ready to hit the ground running for July! Teaching nouns is one of the first things we start content with in the beginning of the school year, so I put together a little packet of printables, interactive notebook pages, and games to use when we start back! Scroll all the way to the bottom for a little freebie! My teammate had a cute…

Bree Jose
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Are you a teacher or a parent of a first-grade student searching for free printable phonics worksheets? Look no further! We have a collection of engaging and educational worksheets that will help your child grasp essential phonics skills. These worksheets cover a range of phonics topics, including letter recognition, sounds, blending, and segmenting. Designed for first graders, our worksheets offer an interactive and enjoyable way for young learners to improve their reading and spelling…

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