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Take nutrition classes to learn about healthy eating habits and discover delicious recipes that nourish your body. Start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today.
Eating better is a BIG priority for me right now. I'm looking at healthy alternatives to all our favorite meals and snacks, preparing new ...

Eating better is a BIG priority for me right now. I'm looking at healthy alternatives to all our favorite meals and snacks, preparing new recipes to ensure we eat more balanced meals, and eating a lot more organic (and a lot less processed) foods. I expected a lot of resistance from my family. When my son wondered why his sugary cereal was replaced with a healthier organic one, I showed him the grades each got on the Fooducate app by scanning the bar codes with my smartphone. It was like a…

Karinda de Boom
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For my 16-year-old daughter's junior/senior year, I put together a health and nutrition curriculum that includes hand-picked information covering a wide range of practical topics. By no means is it a standard health and nutrition curriculum, but it does cover the majority of topics covered by a typical high school health textbook (and many of those […]

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This fantastic unit study will capture your student's attention as it explores nutrition. He will start with the basic biology and anatomy of the digestive system, and continue onto how what we eat affects our health and from where our food comes. He'll even study basic farming practices, organics, and GMOs. This study was designed with the ten to 14 year old in mind, so both middle schoolers and high schoolers will find it interesting. This study plan is well-laid out and very easy to…

Delicia White
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Whether you are teaching one child about the power of good health, or an entire school, this simple nutrition game is an easy lesson to teach. When I taught this mini lesson & game at our elementary school, I had over 600 kids at the school taking a cup of our smoothie, and even trying to come back for seconds!

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4 pages of notes for science process skills.  They can also be used for science anchor charts! Anchor Charts, Science Notebooks, Science Resources, Interactive Science Notebook, Science Notes, Science Process Skills, Science Lessons, Scientific Method Middle School, Teaching Science

Science flipbooks are a fun way to take notes and organize information. With a science flipbook, you can cut and paste and take notes. You can also label diagrams and add other visual aids to help you remember scientific concepts. It’s a really hands-on way to learn! Plus, because it’s all in one place, ... Read more

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