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Don't let your old boots go to waste! Discover creative ideas to repurpose your old boots and give them a new life. From planters to bookends, find inspiration to transform your old boots into something unique and stylish.
Can't believe this is clay! Cristina Lynn Malais: Marilyn Levine Clothes, Jackets, Leather, Clothing, Marilyn, Leather Jacket, Fine Art, Style, New Art

Boots With Steel Toes, 1971 H.A.B. Suitcase, 1972 Hayes Cowboy Boots, 1973 Button Cup, 1974 Faye's Black Satchel, 1974 Trent's Jacket, 1976 Early Cups, 1978-79 Sandi's Mailbag, 1980 Spot's Suitcase, 1981 Peggy's Jacket, 1991 Zipup, 1994 Recent Cups, 1994-95 "In their native material, these satchels and shoulder bags would be too ordinary to merit special interest. Rendered in clay, they become objects of fascination, meticulous and loving portraits of the everyday." This was said by the…

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Victorian women were notable for their tall black lace-up Victorian boots. They continued to be worn into the 1950s with a vintage revival in the 1980s as well. Often called granny boots, Old West boots, Lolita boots or witch's boots, they are popular with Civil War and Victorian event reenactors. Button up boots and low

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Edward H. Bohlin Boots and Spurs — Old West Events Leather, Old West Boots, Cowboy Spurs, Cowboy Gear, Cowboy Boot, Spur Straps, Custom Cowboy Boots, Spurs, Western Boots

Lot 120 - Rare and early Edward H. Bohlin silver-mounted iron (not stainless) spurs with Bohlin-made silver repoussé boots. Artistically and intricately engraved, Cheyenne heelband clearly influenced by Ed's tenure in Cody, Wyoming; silver overlaid rowels, classic Bohlin two-piece maker-marked strap