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Orchid cactus

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How to Grow and Care for a Red Orchid Cactus (Disocactus ackermannii)

Although excessive watering can kill cacti, it is important to water a Red Orchid Cactus year-round because a long dry spell can discourage...

How to make Epiphyllum Cactus or Orchid Cactus bloom - YouTube

Epiphyllum cactus is one of the most popular species of this genus. It bears white , fragrant flowers that bloom at night. This is very easy to grow but need...

Properly caring for the orchid cactus - Entertainment & Life - recordonline.com - Middletown, NY

Q. How do I care for my orchid cactus? -- Ronnie, South Fallsburg A. The orchid cactus is a beautiful flowering plant that does not fit the typical idea we associate with cacti. The Epiphyllum orch…

Epiphyllum are related to several other jungle plants that grow high in the tree tops; Schlumbergera, or Christmas Cactus, Rhipsalis, Hatiora, and several other closely related genera.  In some cases, they will interbreed to form new and even more wonderful hybrids.

Epiphyllum are commonly known as Orchid Cactus for their dinner plate sized flowers; once you see them, you recognize them anywhere...

'Queen of the Night Cacti' Care Guide

Watering & Light Requirements. Fertilisation. Repotting. Toxicity Status. Propagation. How to achieve flowers every year. Details on common issues like yellowing foliage, root/basal rot & brown spots!

Epiphyllums are large forest cacti that produce incredibly showy blooms. With their flattened stems, these succulent plants are easy to care for, fun to propagate, and stand up well to neglect. Learn more about growing epiphyllums as houseplants now on Gardener’s Path. #epiphyllum #orchidcactus #gardenerspath

Epiphyllums are forest cacti that produce incredibly showy blooms. Learn how to grow these fabulous succulents as houseplants, now at Gardener’s Path.

Usa un fertilizante de liberación prolongada para mejorar las flores de tus plantas. En el invierno, usa una solución con poco o ningún contenido de nitrógeno, como una fórmula 2-10-10 o una 0-10-10. Después de la temporada de floración, agrega nitrógeno

Cómo cultivar un cactus orquídea. El cactus orquídea es una planta nativa de Brasil que crece en los lados y las horquillas de las copas de los árboles en los bosques tropicales. Produce flores hermosas que normalmente se abren por la...

The orchid cactus is a gorgeous tree-growing cacti, with unbelievable flowers. Broad, flat, leaflike stems scalloped on the edge, strung together by a woody midvein.

The Epiphyllum orchid cactus a tree-growing cactus, with gorgeous flowers, broad, flat, leaflike stems scalloped on the edge, woody midvein. {CARE DETAILS]

Orchid Cactus Care and Blooming - HorticultureHorticulture

Orchid cactus, or Epiphyllum, is an easy-to-grow houseplant that produces stunning flowers over a period of several weeks in the spring. Because it is a succulent plant, it tolerates dry air and lapses in watering.

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I noticed that a discarded piece of cactus started to flower . Good oppertunity to try out the phones camera hyperlaps without too much hassel .
Original creature with blooming orchid