Ostrich legs

Discover creative furniture ideas that incorporate the unique aesthetic of ostrich legs. Upgrade your home decor with these stylish and eye-catching designs.
Ostrich Legs.  "Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet."     (Photo By: © Jeffry Tong on Flickr.) Nature, Bird, Ostrich Legs, Ostrich Running, Ostrich, Pet Birds, Birds, Interesting Animals, Ostriches

- Ostrich - With their acute eyesight and hearing, ostriches can sense predators such as lions from far away. When being pursued by a predator, ostriches have been known to reach speeds in excess of 65 km per hour (40 miles per hour), and can maintain a steady speed of 50 km/h (30 mph). When lying down and hiding from predators, the birds lay their head and neck flat on the ground, making them appear as a mound of earth from a distance. This even works for the males, as they hold their wings…

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If you were to design a leg for a bipedal animal from scratch, what would it look like? Don’t bother looking down at your own body for inspiration—you won’t find a good model there. If you want to make a really good bipedal leg, you should make one a lot like an ostrich’s, and nothing like […]

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