Other uses for dining room

Transform your dining room into a versatile space with these creative ideas for other uses. Discover how you can maximize the functionality of your dining area and make the most of your home.
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Formal dining rooms are starting to go the way of the formal living room—out of service. While many homes have dining rooms, the square footage devoted to them often isn't justified by the little use most families get out of them. And who wants to waste that much space? Instead of letting an entire room become a black hole for clutter, get inspired by these 7 ways real families have converted their dining spaces.

Julie Loge
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Some people have a dedicated space for a dining room, and others don’t…but whatever your house looks like, turkey day is coming, so it’s time to dust off the dining room table. Oh it’s one of my favorite holidays…I love to cook, and gathering with family and friends to eat is probably my f

Nancy Whitley
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As the dining room is often considered the heart of the home, it’s essential to make it a welcoming and inviting space. If you’re looking to update your dining room decor, farmhouse style may be just what you need. Contains: 10 farmhouse dining decorations, french farmhouse decor, rustric farmhouse table, Small Farmhouse Dining Room, farmhouse dining room ideas and much more!

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