Otter pops

Beat the summer heat with these delicious otter pop recipes. Try out these refreshing flavors and make your own frozen treats at home. : Otter Pops Freezer Ice Bars, Fat Free Ice Pops, Original Flavors (80 - 1 oz pops) : Everything Else Otters, Glow Party, Pop, Ice Pops, Ice Bars, Flavors, Otter Pops, Ice, Gourmet Recipes

About this item FREEZE & EAT 'EM: It’s the ultimate summertime treat that is incredibly easy to make! Just place Otter Pops Ice Pops in the freezer, wait for the liquid to freeze, snip off the top, and your frozen treat is ready to enjoy. FAT FREE: These delicious, classic ice pops are fat free! They’re a healthier frozen treat option, so you can enjoy one yourself and let your children have them too, guilt-free. ZIPPY FLAVORS & CHARACTERS: This pack of ice pops includes a variety of…

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Twitter Is Torn Over What to Call This Classic Childhood Treat — Otter Pops? Zooper Doopers? Fruit, Design, Ideas, Otters, Treats, Pop, Foods, Summer, Art

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