Outlaw country

Discover the rebellious spirit of outlaw country music with our handpicked collection of songs and artists. Immerse yourself in the raw and authentic sound of this influential genre.
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Outlaw country was a sensation that swept the nation starting in the early 1970s that went on to dominate the country music scene well into the next decade, and inspire generations of singers and songwriters for many more years to come. Defined by artists such as Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, the genre eschewed the slick production techniques of Nashville in favor of a more stripped down approach with some rock and roll and blues elements thrown in. They also grew their hair out long…

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The rules of being a country music star used to be simple: you sing the songs the label picks for you, you show up to sing at the Opry when the label tells you to, and you’ll be off on a nice little singing career. This factory-esque system flourished — with a couple of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash shaped exceptions — from the first time a poor southerner with mandolin skills walked into a recording booth.But rock music, particularly the Beatles and Dylan, had showed a generation of…

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