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Discover how to build your own oven with these creative DIY ideas. Get inspired to create a functional and stylish oven for your kitchen.
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DIY Cardboard Stove & Oven

My son loves to cook. For the longest time he would use a helmet (from his tool set toys) and lego blocks to "cook". He's gotten a BBQ Grill and cooking set before but he always went back to playing with his helmet and blocks... I got the idea from marthastewart.com and decided to make one for my boy. MATERIALS: Cardboard box (I have tons of diaper boxes) Scrap Cardboard Duct Tape Paint brush sponge (handle ONLY) Spray Paint Condiment lids (5) Bottle caps (5) Paper fasteners/brads (5) Hole…

Sharon berget
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How to Build a Pizza Oven Using an Exercise Ball

Want to know another way to build your own exercise ball pizza oven? Then have a look at this DIY pizza oven which made use of an exercise ball to create its dome!

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